Download Samsung Odin Android

What is Samsung Odin?

Samsung Odin was software that was first leaked back a couple of years ago from Samsung. Samsung used it to Flash/Install firmware/os/kernels in to the devices. Samsung still uses it or a form of it in certain releases as a Window’s Upgrade Tool as its been known.

Samsung Odin Features

  • Flash stock Firmware
  • Flash Custom Firmware (Flashing Custom ROM)
  • Flash Recovery File (TWRP)
  • Flash Kernels ( .tar/.zip/.img)
  • Flash Root Package (MD5 and .tar files)

Odin gets updated with time changes, as of this writing Odin 3.12.3 is the latest. Note: We always recommend you to get the latest version as it will be more stable and improved interface.

Download Samsung Odin 3.12 Latest

The latest version of the SamsungOdin is odin 3.12 ,Please find the correct tutorial for your device if you are a new to android rooting !


Few Tips

  • BACKUP all your DATA prior to proceeding.
  • Only works with Windows
  • Install the latest USB drivers for your PC
  • Recommended to use the latest tool available.
  • Some mistakes will result in permanent BRICK.

Samsung Odin download credit goes to – XDA Forum ! thanks XDA for Huge contribution and support!